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All You Need to Know about Zika Virus today

People infected by the ZIka virus shows symptoms of common illnesses such as headaches, muscle and joint pains, fever, rash or conjunctivitis. It is usually not severe and there are little cases of...

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Home Remedies for Burns

Being a victim of minor burns may look like not really a huge problem but once it is not provided with first-aid measures then it might result to a severe injury. An accident may be unavoidable but...

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What to Look for in International Health Insurance

Selecting the most suitable international health insurance is definitely one of the most important decisions any expat will face upon living abroad.With the great number of insurance companies...

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Traditionally, a claim is a part of the process you will have to go through to be reimbursed by the insurer of the initial fee you paid during your treatment. This process has evolved with the new...

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Pre-existing conditions

Unfortunately our partners cannot automatically cover every condition in an expat insurance plan. For obvious reasons your medical history will be detailed with a specialist. This process’...

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All international medical plans have some conditions under which they reserve the right not to pay for some medical procedures. The conditions vary for all premiums and companies so it is very...

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Local or International insurance?

Many expatriates hesitate between taking a worldwide coverage and taking a local health insurance in the country where they effectively relocate. We believe that expatriates should take an...

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Chronic conditions

Chronic conditions are often defined as diseases from which a patient will never fully recover in the actual state of science. Often these diseases can be managed with regular medical assistance but...

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Travel insurance

When it comes to travel insurance, our partners present almost perfect offers. You could easily get full cover with no limit of expenses for a full year. You will be covered any where you go and with...

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Worst case scenario

Unfortunately, you always have to consider the fact that something can go horribly wrong. With our partners we insist on offering you or your family the best possible conditions to mourn or overcome...

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